making sense of a gene family for biologists

Gene Family (GF) is an automated webserver to help biologists identify, explore, and visualize the gene family intra- and inter-species. GF provides a 'one-click' pipeline which comprises the following four modules that can be executed independently or collectively: Gene Family Identification, Diversity, Characterization, and Evolution.

  • Easy to operate and simple to setup: simply select a protein or prepare a protein sequence to start analysis.
  • Automatic interfaces and interactive visualizations of 10 analyses, including gene family identification, multiple sequence alignment, phylogenetic trees construction, member structure characterization, and expansion and selective events analysis, etc.
  • 140 mammals and 19,632 proteins available for analysis.



Gene Family Identification

  • Identify based on protein domain conservation and sequence similarity
  • Provide feature information and protein sequences of candidate gene family members
  • Visualize multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic trees

Gene Family Diversity

  • Outline the gene number and status of the family members

Gene Family Characterization

  • Discover motif in target gene family
  • Characterize member structure
  • Map member to chromosome (or scaffold)
  • Browse the genomic neighborhood of member

Gene Family Evolution

  • Perform collinearity analysis within and among species to find expansion event(s)
  • Calculate Ka/Ks to recognize selective event(s)